Genealogical Institute of South Africa

The Genealogical Institue of South Africa is locate in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa and has been open since 1998 and currently directed by Leon Endemann. Apart from holding their own collections of records and their own library, which can be consulted on the premisis (for a small fee or membership) they also have certain publications and products for purchasing that are very heplful for South African genealogical and family history research.

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16 responses to “Genealogical Institute of South Africa

  1. Dear Jacqueline,
    I love your site! Great job. I am the webmaster for GISA. Could you please change your entry about the director to read Leon Endemann (two n’s at the end). I was referred to you by Cecil Blignaut, a distant relative of mine living in the US. Kindly contact me via e-mail regarding possible research in France.
    Kind regards,
    Philip Blignaut

  2. Thanks for the comment. I will get back to you about your query.

    • Ian Paget-Brown

      Would you please be so kind and provide the names of professional researchers that I may retain to locate information concerning the South African side of my family. I am the grandson of Claude Paget Carter, the South African cricketer, born April 23, 1881, Durban and died November 8 1952, Durban.
      Ian Paget-Brown
      1636 Milton Road
      Charlottesville, Virginia, USA 22902

  3. Marlaine Duret

    Dear Jacqueline,

    I’m from South Africa, currently living in London and wish to trace my mother’s side of the family, she had always told me her father had been born in Burgundy, France – surname De Late. My first step was to get a copy of my mother’s unabridged Birth Certificate which unfortunately does not state where her Father and Mother were born, merely states Cape Colony and no details of their parentage.

    I do hope you can give me some advice as to where to go from here to trace the French side of the family from either UK or South Africa.

    kind regards
    Marlaine Duret

  4. Try for an unabridged birth certificate. I think it is more expensive, but may have parental linkage. There are many genealogical websites. I hope this sites consolidates many South African genealogy sites to help people. Best wishes in your endeavour – its not easy but its worth it!

  5. Sue Rodwell Smith

    I wonder if you can help at all. I am trying to trace details of my great grandfather. He was called John Benjamin Rodwell and was born in Ireland in 1861. He married a lady called Lama (MJ) Cape Colony,South Africa, she was born in 1867 and they had two sons whilst in Cape Colony James b.1893 and Elise b1895. Between 1895 and 1897 they returned to the UK and we have found him on the UK 1901 Census. How would I find their marriage certificate in Cape Colony please and from that I will be able to trace Lama’s maiden name. Many thanks for yur help.

  6. maria magdalena von wielligh

    i am looking for my birth mother, who was born in southafrica in standerton on the 5th december 1952. she gave birth to me on the 2nd of june 1972 at the queen victoria hospital johanesburg southafrica. She gave me the name willie vonwielligh. please could you help me trace her.

  7. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  8. Christine Skelhorn

    I am trying to trace details for my family history. My great great grandmother was Lucy Sleeman who with Rose Blennarhassett founded a hospital and wrote the book “Adventures in Mashonaland” in 1891. There is a plaque to them both in Rhodes Gate ?
    I also believe Lucy Sleeman married Mr Charles Granville Vines in Dec 2897 in S Africa (Kimberley?) and he then died in S Africa in 1902 (Kimberley).
    can anyone help in acquiring further info ?

  9. Please could you give me the names of the wife and children of the voortrekker Johannes Hendrick De Lange (Hans Dons). Which of his daughters married a Stander after whom the town Standerton was named?

    Thank you

  10. kirby

    willian s nortman born around 1888 in south africa trying to find info on his family there guess my family tree finally means something to me being i am the last one here

  11. Jennifer Dales

    I am trying to trace relatives of John,Jane, Walter, William and Elizabeth (Bessie) Jackson. They were brothers and sisters of my Grandfather Ernest Jackson. They all emigrated to SA in the late 1800s/early 1900s from Roscrea, Co Tipperary, Ireland.
    Walter had 2 children, George & Edward. Last known address, many years ago was for George, 106 Stadium Heights, Cathcart Rd, Port Elizabeth. William had 4 children, Violet, William, Ernest, John. Elizabeth had 3 daughters whose surname would be Wheelwright.
    Would be pleased with any help.

  12. Patricia Major

    Hello, I am searching for my birthmother and a half sister I know that my mother was born in 1927/28 Her name is Rita van Eyseen.from Cape Town.My sister is Charmain her adopted name is Page she might be married now.she was born 27 march 1951.She use to live in Grassy Park. My name was Lettie van Eyseen.Change to Patricia Major.I was born on 16 may 1949.We lived in Claremont.We then emigrate to England.I live in Holland now I am searching for 25 years and still no luck Can anyone help me please.

  13. Ricky Brecht

    I am trying to trace my Brecht ancestors who came to South Africa many years ago. My late father told me that he heard from his father that a certain Hans Hendrik Brecht(German) had children from a certain Klara, a Hottentot, in the Lady Grey area near a town called Bolotwa in the former Transkei.My father also vividly recalled his days growing up on this farm, before they moved to King William’s Town (Eastern Cape) because of forced removals. Did my ancestors came to South Africa with a ship looking for adventure,was he a German Settler etc. I am only trying to set up a possible family tree and answering many unanswered questions. Would you please assist me in this regard.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  14. Deon T Brand

    Willem Jacobus Theron, *17.02.1871, married to Geertruida Johanna Hall *08.01.1880. Willem Jacobus was a farmer in the Calvinia district and they had three children. I am looking for the name and other particulars of his wife, as well as the names and other particulars of his parents. As far as I can establish his father`s name was David.
    Thank you for your assistance

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