Birth, Marriage and Death Records

I am not really sure why, perhaps a reader could enlighten me, but South African “Civil Registration” is not available for public viewing. Basically that means no index or personal searching. However if you have sufficient information about a ancestor you can order a Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate from the South African Department of Home Affairs. Cerificates cost R40 (about 7 USD or 4 GBP) and you can download a PDF application by clicking on the following: Birth Certificates ; Marriage Certificates and Death Certificates. If you have your ancestors Identity Number it is supposed to speed up the process, however don’t be in too much of a hurry to receive a certificate, staffing is limited and of course people requesting their own certificates are a priority. This is not the place to begin your research unless you have a full name, date of event and depending on the certificate you require parental information.

If you feel a little disheartened by this, especially since the SA survining census’ are apparently only statistical, there is good news! Two words… okay four: Death Notices and Estate Files!!!
In a coming post I will talk a bit about these records. However for the moment I will connect you to NAAIRS (National Automated Archival Information Retrieval System) where you can search the online index or Death Notices, Estate Files, Wills and other useful documents. Please be sure to read the help page first – I know we (of maybe its just me?) usually disregard instructions, but these are imperative to understanding this system. >>>> NAAIRS help.

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116 responses to “Birth, Marriage and Death Records

  1. Peach Fuzz

    I am so glad that there are still Death Notices and Estate Files in this South African world of Genealogy. They have really come through for me in breaking barriers I thought would always plague my research. I can’t wait to learn more about them. Thank you for this site.

  2. Anton Hutchinson

    I am a South African living in the UK, I would like some help in tracing some family members in South Africa, this is the first time that I have done this so I wouldn’t know where to begin I have all the information for who I am looking for but need some extra help. My original surname before I adopted my surname now is Atterbury, The reason why I am asking for help is because I have only recently found out that my father at preent is not my biological father, hence the reason for wanting to find my biological father. SO I would be grateful if you would provide me with some assistance for me.
    Thanx. Mr Anton P Hutchinson

    • Zelda Nera

      Where were you born Anton? So you know anything about your biological dad e.g. were your parents married, divorced, dating? Was your dad in the military?

    • Hi Anton

      Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for their adoption papers. I am experienced in adoption issues and you can contact me via my web site for more information
      kind regards

      • Sara

        Hi Heather
        I would like to get in touch with you regarding adoption issues.

        We have biological mothers name place of residence during period of adoption, but trying to find grand parents info.

        How may I reach you

    • Gaynor Hutchinson

      My maiden name was Hutchinson< daughter of Frederick NIcholson Hutchinson – his parents came for Cumberland to South Africa about 1920. Don't think this will help you though? Gaynor

    • aletta bucknall

      i looked for my daughter for years on every website and then i found her on facebook as a adoptee you can write a letter to the agency that handled your adoption and they will be able to assist you as your mother can not look for you unless your adoptive parents gives permission

  3. I am so sorry. I am just too busy to help people with individual problems and specific research. For now this is for teaching the general public. Thanks.

    I also do not know much about adoption and nothing about tracing living people, sorry.

  4. I am trying to get a copy of my grandfathers birth certificate but I only have the year he was born which is 1883 born in Johannesburg. How do I order one any help would be great

    Thanks Jennie

  5. Jo Perry

    Hi My grandmother ran away with a South African gentleman to South Africa around about 1948/50 and she’s not been seen or heard of since. Can you tell where the best place to find out if she did get married in South Africa..Kind Regards Jo Perry

  6. mpopo

    my mother moved to Lesotho in 1986, and she lived there until her death in 2000. She was buried in South Africa. i was born in sasolburg and have my birth registered in South Africa. I have in my possession my mother’s SA ID and passports. In the long run i lost my birth certificate. What must i do to re-apply for my new SA birth certificate since currently i am living in Lesotho

  7. Pretorius

    Im looking for relatives \ family history. Half sister. My fathers name was Hendrik Sybrand Pretorius

  8. Maki

    I am an orphaned university student and am really struggling to apply for bursaries and loans since I don’t have my father’s death certificate as proof that he was deceased. I do have the birth date, though. What can I do to get a death certificate????

  9. Gail Dodds

    I’m trying to find out how I can locate a death notice and the estate files for
    Frederick Herbert Scragg who died after 1962 married to Mary Brown Russell
    sons were
    Charles John Scragg
    Frederick Russell Scragg
    I believe they resided in the Transvaal region
    Thank you in advance for any information to help me with this.
    Gail Dodds

    • Gill van de Vyver

      Hi Gail,
      Not sure if I can be of any assistance but FH Scragg was my grandfather and have many of his documents in my possession.
      Gill van de Vyver

  10. Taryn Rohrs

    Wow! All I can say is thank you! I have been trying to find documents or info for weeks & all I needed was this site!

  11. James Stevens

    I was born in Cape Town – may be Simonstown – but came to England when I was around 4-5 (1953/54). I am looking for any information on my family history.
    My Grandparents were William David Stevens and Mary Ann (nee Chambers). William was born in South Africa and, I believe, Mary Ann was born in St.Helena.
    My Mother was Eileen Daphne Stevens born in 1929.
    I have no information re: my S/A ancestors/family and would dearly love to know allI can about them.
    Any advice or information would be so greatly appreciated.
    With many thanks
    James Stevens

  12. michael gill

    i would like verification of a marriage certificate.registration number2008/ROG/12/1733 please contact me as soon as possible,to know if i am married or not.

  13. robert gibson

    Good day

    I have been trying for sometime to obtain any information on my late dad. I have tried all possible means but have received no answers yet. Maybe you can help me.
    I am looking for records for

    William [Bill] Gibson
    Born 7th November 1918 or 7th December 1918
    Where not known
    Married in 1936/37/38 to Cornelia Stapleberg born 4th September 1920.
    Divorced in 1959/60/61 Benoni Gauteng south Africa

    Died in Boksburg Benoni hospital in May 1967/68
    Buried in Boksburg Cemetry.

    I would appreciate your help.

    Kind regards

    Rob Gibson

  14. Tyron Hunter

    Hey Rob – there is a record of your father’s divorce from Cornelia in the National Archives (TAB). Look it up by following the NAAIRS link in the blog post above. Then if you head over to the SA Genealogical Society’s website ( with the details of what you found in the Nat. Archives, you’ll be able to order photographed copies of those documents. Be sure to ask for the full contents of the file (though they might be lengthy) because divorce proceedings provide a wealth of historical information about a family.

  15. Thank you Tyron – Rob I hope that helps. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to answer everyones questions and so its helpful when others can!

  16. Pam Berning

    I have been struggling to find information on my grandfather who was born in England came out to South Africa for the Boer War (British Regiment) then returned to marry – I am wanting a copy of the marriage certificate also to get my grandmother’s name
    I also want a copy of my mother’s birth certificate – but know how long I would have to wait through Home Affairs as I have only her birthdate and place of birth and father’s name.
    can you help?

  17. Andrew Jeffery

    I’m trying to find out if there is away of getting hold of birth & marriage certificates between the dates 1920 & 1940 form any South African archives. My grandmother was born in Cape Town in about 1920 & married in about 1936+. She died very young at the age of 29 & was believed to be of Italian origin living in Cape Town.

    Her name was Louisa Cecilia De Pace & married Percy James Jeffery who also died young, being only 48 at the time of death.
    Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.
    thank you
    A.R. Jeffery

  18. Deirdrè Norval

    Goodday, your site is very informative! What might be the reason behind the lack of transparency of the dept HA? My maiden surname is Havelaar and all you get is Max Havelaar when you Google. Thanks for the great pointers!

  19. ROY

    I am trying to find my roots in S.A. My surname is Hurter and I cant seem to find any reference pertaining to my ancestors. Can u help please.

    • Hi Roy

      I have a family bible that mentions that one of my ancestors was married to Emerentia SP Hurter. The got married in Uitenhage in March 1862.

      Kind regards
      Ansie Earle

  20. Juanita Knowles

    My mother died when I was 3 years old and I have no idea why as my father refused to discuss it with anyone, his way of grieving I’m afraid. He has sinced passed away himself. I am at present being genetically screened for cancer as there is a family history of it so I need to obtain a copy of her death certificate, do you know where I can get one?

  21. sally wormald

    on a farm in Tylden, I came across a grave of a soldier who served in the south african war. the inscription read as follows: Private A. Powell No.2707 of the 4th Battalion Somerset – died 10th December 1900. it is believed that the soldier drowned in the river alongside where he was laid to rest? please cure me of my curiosity

  22. hi my name is Natalia Goncalves i was born in south africa but i live in england at the moment,i am searching for my dad his name is Carl Thomas Hendri Boyder i was wndering if you could help me find me or put me on the right pathway.
    i have looked at the name and database website the school websites in south africa and facebook wonder if there is anything else i can do.

    please help me
    thank you

    • Michelle

      Hi Natalia,
      Whilst researching my grandfather Henry James Boyder I came across this gravestone [see link below] and also your posts. I am not sure if this is your Dad, however it may be. If you think there is any link between your Boyder family and mine please contact me so we can exchange information. There is a story that one of my ancestors worked for the Dutch Embassy in South Africa so there could be a link to your family from Holland. My Grandpa told me that he was from Ireland though.

  23. Bennett

    My husband is applying for a British passport; he was born in Karong, Malawi and was brought over to England on his mother’s passport when he was about 7 years old. His mother and father were married there but his mother has no recollection of a marriage certificate. We are desperately trying to find how we can apply for a copy of the marriage certificate, be pointed in the right direction, the South African Embassy in London couldn’t even point us in the right direction, any help would be welcomed.

    Thank you.
    Kim Bennett

  24. Caroline Stewart O'Brien

    I am trying to trace my father in South Africa.
    I am not sure if he is still alive and only have his name, Neil Robertson and a vague idea of his year of birth, 1941.
    I live in the UK.
    I would be very grateful if you could give me any help in how I would go about this.
    Thank you.

  25. Candice

    Can anyone help solve this mystery. My Great-Grandfather was born Arthur James Sutcliffe in England. He changed his name to Beckwith after returning from WWI to find his father dead and his mother remarried. He showed my father ID documents in both surnames but we have no idea why he changed it and no records of either surname can be found anywhere. We have no birth records etc. and do not live in RSA to gain access to the archives.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  26. Paul

    I’m looking for my Father. Petrus Mthabela who was born in KZN and went to work in Botswana for 2 yrs,thats where they met with my mother also was working in Botswana as well. That’s late 70’s early 80’s. please help me find my father.
    Please help.
    Paul Moroeng

  27. In answer to Gail Dodds.
    I searched on NAAIRS – the South African Archive database search engine. I searched for Frederick Scragg and found a result (mentioning Mary). He does have a Death Notice! Contact me again if you see this!

  28. Garth

    Hi, would you mind giving me a view on the likelihood of the Department of Home Affairs sourcing and then providing me with a copy of my moms marriage certificate. I live in Australia now.

  29. Charmaine

    I am looking for information on Gail Ann nee Stokell (25/01/1952 Date of Birth). She was first married to David Elliot, had a son Tyrone (Simonstown navy). I am looking to contact his relatives for a family tree. Wld like to know date of wedding/date of birth/date of divorce – reason for divorce etc. She was married 5 times and ended up marrying David Elliot again. She died in 25/01/2001 and David 27/01/2001. Previous marriage to a Kevin Burne (1987) (stayed in Kenwyn-Cape Town) moved to Edgemead. Married David in Tableview, C.T. She had an illegitimate son, Dean in 1994. Her social circles was Reigersdal Sport Club in Rondebosch 1977 – 1993. She worked at Truworths, Wooltru Head office, Cape Town – She had 3 sons, Tyrone, Bradley and Dean. She also stayed in Ottery 1976 and then Plumstead. Wld appreciate the info.

    • Gail I found some results for David and Gail. I sent them to you by email! All the best with your searching!

      • Jacomina Botha

        I am born on the 7 th September 1958 in Springfontein south africa, i am adopted, my adoption parents were, Abraham johannes mathee and my mother Wilhelmina Cecilia Mathee ( born ) Pretorius, what is the possibility to find the details of my real (born) mother and father??

  30. charles

    I searched for my grandfather Allan Wilson.I know about his dead before i m born but I want know more about his background in Ceres where he was borned with his twinbrother.Can you find please thank you!Cha

  31. Christa Claassen

    Im looking for death records of my father Adriaan Adolph Geldenhuys he died 08/03/1993

  32. Alin Chambers

    im looking for any information on Ronald Montague Chambers who used to teach at various schools like Maritzburg College,Greytown High to name a few i would like the information on both him and his family tree he was born 10/10/1924 and passed away 08/06/1995.

  33. Diane

    I am looking for information about my great grandfather, Thomas Hopkins. He was born in Ireland and came to live in South Africa, in Cape Town. He married Maria Segal. I am not sure if they got divorced, but they had my grandfather Walter Edward Hopkins in 1907. He then moved to Port Elizabeth where he died in about 1912.

  34. Diane

    I would appreciate some help in finding information about my great grandfather Thomas Hopkins who was born in Ireland (about 1848) and came to live in Cape Town. He married Maria Segal and had my grandfather Walter Edward in 1907. He moved to Port Elizabeth where he died in about 1912. There is a connection with St Augustines Catholic church and Nazareth House.

  35. John Johnston

    I am a newcomer to the List and would be grateful for any help and guidance
    in solving a long-standing mystery in my family.

    Mary CUNDILL, born 24 Dec 1857 in Edinburgh, was the daughter of Andrew Tait
    Cundill and Margaret Pringle and was the cousin of my grandmother Jane
    Eleanora McIntosh.

    In the 1881 Census, Mary, aged 23, was living in Edinburgh:
    168 Rose Street, Edinburgh.
    Andrew Cundell (sic), head, M, 47, Blacksmith, Edinburgh
    Margaret ” , wife, 45, Hull
    Andrew ” , son, 6, Scholar, Edinburgh
    Mary ” , daur, U, 23, Jewel case liner, Edinburgh
    Kate ” , daur, U, 17, Upholsteress, Edinburgh
    Isabella ” , daur, U, 11, Scholar, Edinburgh
    Minnie ” , daur, U, 8, Scholar, Edinburgh

    Mary CUNDILL married David MILLER, Jewel case maker, in London:
    1883 Marriage solemnized at the Church of St Philip in the parish of
    Clerkenwell in the County of Middlesex (Holborn Registration District)
    No.425 Dec 24th 1883
    David Miller Age 25 Bachelor Jewell (sic) Case Maker 15
    Yardley St.
    Mary Cundill Age 25 Spinster
    24 Lloyd Square
    James Miller, Butler (decd.) Andrew Cundill, Blacksmith
    Married in the Church of St Philip according to the Rites and Ceremonies of
    the Established Church, after Banns by me, Alfred T. Fryer.
    This Marriage was solemnized between us, David Miller, Mary Cundill, in the
    Presence of us, Robert Carr, Margaret Cundill, Henry Thomas Probert. in
    London in 1883.
    (David MILLER was also born in Edinburgh, about 1858.)

    An extensive search of the 1891 and 1901 Censuses in both England and
    Scotland failed to find this couple. A search on failed to find
    them in immigration lists or American censuses.

    There is a possibility that they emigrated to South Africa, perhaps between
    1883 and 1891.

    John Johnston
    New Zealand

  36. hi, i need information off birth registers to trace my family history.mum allida johanna nee hartog b.16-6-1904 pretoria dist & dad cornelius johannes jacobus oosthuizen b. 1893 date & dist not known his father fought 2nd boer war as either field cornet or general in or around transvaal area. i’m new to computing & trying for 11 months to find answers,also i am 70 yrs old & need to let my daughter & son know their heritage. can you help. thank you. mr. deneys oosthuizen.

  37. Ian Oberem

    I am trying to trace my roots back.
    Surname: OBEREM
    father: Bryan Alexander. His brothers were Percy Trevor Oberema nd Ralph.
    Lived in East London.
    Can you help?

  38. clarence sheperd robb

    i am loking for relatives of my wifes farther he was born in 1893 his fathers name was george robb who i believ he was born in scotland.
    i know that george robb woked as a clerkin the south african war department and was working there in 1915

  39. clarence robb

    looking for info on clarence robb born 1893 farthers name george who worked for Sa war department in 1915

  40. Jacqueline Mulder

    Hi, My name is jacqueline mulder.Im from St Louis Missouri.USA I am trying to find a birth record on William Mulder born in 1896-1897 in South Africa.I know his parents were from Holland but dont know their names,then came to the United States.Any info would be helpful,Thank you Jacqueline.

  41. I’m trying to find my grandfather’s death certificate, born in Ireland 1906 as John Charles Kemp, left Ireland and moved to SA , changed his last name to John Charles Berry, he got married to a South African had 6 children and died in 1971 or 1972 he was buried in Johannesburg somewhere I’m doing this whole process because I want to apply for my Irish ancestry visa, but it’s all confusing can anyone help? I do have his SA ID book

  42. ELSA



  43. looking for family of george robb ibelieve he emigrated to late 1800s my farther in law clarence sheperd was in the army in england in1915 at that time george was aclark in the south african war dept any info please reply

  44. Sunelia

    Hello :)
    This is a brilliant site! I wish I found it when I was first started doing my research!

  45. Denise O'Sullivan

    I am looking for information on my father Michael O’Sullivan born in Ireland but moved to south africa in the early seventies. He had two children my half brother and sister Sean and Shannon both born in the late seventies. My father died in either 1985 or 86 in Durban. he worked as an advisor to a governor and previously for the star news paper as a journalist. There was a death notice in the star paper and a small written article. I will be visiting south africa next month and would love to find out more about my father… would appreciate any info
    Denise from Ireland

  46. Hi, I am trying to find out when Antony Mckinnon died and exactly how in Johannesburg where he lived, i lived in Pretoria but came back to the UK. Ive just heard he is dead and find it very upsetting as he meant alot to me. I just dont know how to go about finding out. His Mum has also passed away.

  47. Anri


    I am trying to find my biological dad. His name is Ben Booyens and the last i heard he was living in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has 3 other children aswell as far as i know.

    If anybody has any idee of how i could get in contact with him please email me

    Thank you

  48. Carolyn

    I am trying to find out the names of My Grandfathers siblings, His name was Arthur Mossop Dewrance, his father was John Mossop Dewrance, and they first lived on a farm in Naboomspruit. I know my direct family line, but I am trying to trace the name of the Dewrance that married a black lady (surname – Labala) and the names of his children. The year must have been in the late 1800 early 1900.
    would appreciate your help
    Thank you.

  49. Mary

    I am trying to find the two sons of John O’Brien and Ada Beatrice Eveline O’Brien (nee Eldridge). Their names were Joseph O’Brien and James Patrick O’Brien. John and Ada were married in Transvaal on 16 October 1911. Ada was a widow, previously married to John Williams-Richards. John O’Brien died in Mombasa in 1935; Ada died in 1949. Ada’s daughter from her previous marriage was Pearl Williams-Richards.
    I would love to find the O’Brien descendants.
    Many thanks for a great resource.

  50. Hayley Jo-anne welman

    Helo my husband would like to know of any relatives he has in Graaff Reinet of his late grandfather Bobby Welman who married Katherine Abrahams and their 1 son Stanford Welman. Sadly he passed away when stanford was four years old in 1954. We have no further info on them and would love to meet and get to know their history. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanx


    Morning, I would like to know the parents names of Gordon Mathias born 1936 to 1938. not sure of the year. Is he still alive? Thanks.

  52. m.donald

    Hello, I am looking for any information I can find regarding my great grandfather David Donald who died in pretoria south africa in 1922.He was born 1865 in scotland and was an engineer

  53. Julie

    I am trying to find where my Opa is buried. He passed away while holidaying in Sth America (I think Johannesburg) in 1982.

    Are there any website that I could gain information from?

  54. Michael Thompson

    My cousin Garth Martin was admitted to the Weskoppies Hospital in between 1980 and 1990. I am trying to trace him and the hospital has no record of his admission. Who do I ask or where do I look?

  55. Meryl


    I am trying to find out more of my great grandfather, he had been a horse jockey, Francois Johannes Gerhardus Putter married to catharina christina Engela Schoeman.

    I am also looking for death notice of them as well as of my grandfather Cornelis calitz he died 3 Jun 1980, died in Pretoria and buried in Boksburg east, I having trouble in finding anything of his ancestry out.

    I also looking for John dearloves death notice died in 18 Jun 1969, looked at pretoria archives and cannot find it nor on the web.
    and Henrietta Christina Maria Ferguson fromerly Dearlove born Boolsen, Johan is her son, and Henrietta is my greatgran.

    I also cannot find anything on my greatgran on father side Natalie May Mclean born van Santen, I have her death notice but can not find out anything of her parents, she was born in Pietermaritzburg and is buried at the Edenvale cemetry, she died 30 Jun 1970.

    any help would be appreciated

    • Helena Putter

      According to my own research the following:
      Catharina Christina Engela Schoeman die +- in 1885. She 6 childrens namely:
      Hendrina Johanna Putter = 18/9/1873 Lady Grey
      Francois Johannes Gerhardus = 2/3/1876 Barkly OEast
      Hendrik Johannes Putter = 28/9/1878 Barkly East
      Dorothea Magdalena Putter = 30/10/1880 Barkly East
      Maggel Cecillia Putter = 19/12/1882 Barkly East
      Angelina Maria Dorothea Putter = 2/8/1884 Barkly East
      Francois married again on 28/3/1886 to Aletta Petronella (Lettie) Botha
      and they had 5 childrens from witch I am a decendant. Info give his date of death as 1899/ 1901. Concentration camp records show him or son
      as prisoner of Anglo Boere War
      Hope this can help you

      putter greetings

  56. jen

    Does anyone have advice for an adopted adult trying to trace an SA birth mother? She was born on 22 Nov 1960 in Port Elizabeth and the private adoption was arranged by a family doctor, so there are few ways of following up.

    • Trxie

      There is a website called which is the most comprehensive website in South Africa for anyone doing their family tree.
      They have over 1 million recoords online, forums for any questions and answered by experts, a learning centre as well as a free beginners guide.
      They know all about genealogy – the lady that runs it is called Heather MacAlister

  57. Dear Madam/Sir
    Could you please assist me i trying to locate a lady im not sure wheather she is dead or alive.
    Her name is Loraine (nee Wrigley or Rigley im not sure of the spelling
    She was born to a coloured Mom, they lived in Eldorado Park Johannesburg
    she was born around 1940 and may be later
    Please help i think she is my half sister
    Thanks Denise

  58. Hermanus Warren

    My grandfather John Warren emigrated to SA around 1900. He had 4 children: George, Eddy, Alec and Betty. I am looking for any information on my grandfather eg date and place of birth, wife information etc

  59. Glynnis

    I am trying to trace my dad’s family line. We know his grand father, Phillippus Jacobus Lodewijk Smith was in Ladybrand, OFS, and died in Pretoria 17/9//1923. He may have been married to Hester Fransonetta Naude. She also died in 1923. Either he or his father who had the same names, may also have been a prisoner of war. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

    • Alison Smith

      I am working on the Smith family tree and have made contact with a descendant of Phillippus J L Smith and Hester Fransonetta Naude. Phillippus’ death notice doesn’t have his parents, but I suspect that they were Daniel Nicolaas Smith and Maria Magdalena Ferreira, seeing that the naming tradition was followed with regard to Hester’s parents. Still researching, but would be happy to help.

  60. Gail Ackermann Anderson

    Hi, I am trying to find information on the Zietsmans and the Ackermanns. John Arnold Zietsman married Maria Anna Katriena Wellmans late 1800’/early 1900’s and William Henry Ackermann married Bridget Elizabeth Divine in about the same period. I belive the Wellmans might have descended from Holland, and the Ackermanns and Zietsmans from Germany and the Divines from Ireland.


    • Shayne van Rensburg

      Hi Gail
      Bridget Elizabeth Devine was my great aunt. She was born in Uitenhage in about 1890 and baptised at St Mary’s Anglican Church Barkly West on 4 Jan 1891. Her parents were recorded as Henry Devine (Transport Rider) and Hester Frederika Ferreira. We believe Henry may have been William James Henry Devine and I am waiting for a DN to confirm this. Whatever his real name he was descended from James Devine an 1820 settler of the Butler party. Hester was a child of Stephanus Esais Ferreira (1831 to 1875) and Johanna Catharina Muller.
      Stephanus was a son of Marthinus Jacobus Ferreira (born 1807) and Hester Fredrika Johanna Terblans (born 1813). Marthinus was a son of Ignatius Petrus Ferreira (1766 to 1837) and Susanna Elizabeth Ferreira (1768 to 1838). These two were first cousins descended from Thomas Ignatius Ferreira (1743 to 1814) and Petrus Hendrik Ferreira (1736 to 1798) brothers, who were 2 of the many children of Ignatius leopold Ferreira and Marthe Terre Blanche. Google him for more info. The early guys are well known and their wives are on line, mostly correct. The Muller connection is hideously difficult and I am trying to get a copy of the updated Muller book to follow it up. Hope this helps
      Shayne van Rensburg
      Plettenberg Bay

  61. Hermanus Warren

    I suspect wife was Maria Elizabeth Christina Espag

  62. Wensley

    I am busy with a family tree for my kids i am trying to trace down who was my dads parents i have applied to the dept of home affairs for a birth certificate i am now waiting more than a year.
    My dads details are William Martin Bezuidenhout born 17/4/35 died in 2003 addington hospital .We lived in wentworth durban south africa he was married to Maureen Veronica Bezuidenhout at the time of his death.
    Anyone know where i can look .


  63. jo

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help me please I am trying to find my grandfathers parents information. my grandfather is Robert Benjamin Rorke he was born on the 15 april 1925 in Litchenburg South africa, all I know is that his father was a farmer and a policeman but thats all we know about his family I think he had 3 sisters but not 100 percent sure if anyone can help me it would be really really appreciated we have been searching for this information for years now.

  64. MaryAnne

    I am searching for the Donald Buchanan who traveled to Durban after 1901, he ran a boarding house up until 1919.
    His son’s “Alf” (Alfred) and William both lived in Observatory at that time arriving around 1914. William Buchanan was a foreman for the Railway, (wife) Emily and children, Alf worked for William on the Rails.
    Donald sold his business in 1919 (being 80) and moved to 6 Kimberley Villas, Observatory, S. Africa with his family.
    Any help to locate children, marriages, deaths and where they were buried would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • George F. Sanborn Jr.

      MaryAnne, I am very distantly related to this family through Donald’s mother. I would like to correspond with you and exchange information.

  65. Evelyn Grant

    I’m looking for the death of my Great Uncle, John Lincoln MacGregor who lived in Johannesburg about 1940 – 1950. He was born in Scotland and married in Canada to Maude Hill from Abergavenny in Wales. I don’t know if they had any family. He possibly worked with a railway company as this was what he did in Canada.

  66. Peta Shepherd

    I too am adopted – I came with my adoptive family to Australia in 1974. I believe my original birth certificate was destroyed before we arrived in Australia so I have relied on the adoption agency to supply me with the following details.

    My birth mothers name is Kathleen Bridget McGrath. Her parents were Catholics from Ireland. She worked in administration at Groot Schuur Hospital in/around 1962-63. Her mother was a teacher and her father worked for the Cape Town Municipality. She had a sister who died (in England I think, unknown what year). Kathleen still lives in Cape Town area. She went to Star of The Sea convent. I have written to her on a number of ocassions, but she has chosen to have no contact.

    My birth father’s name is Rui Duarte Madeira Coelho. He was a visiting Portuguese sailor and I am unaware as to whether he knew Kathleen was pregnant.

    I would love to find out about Kathleen’s family/relatives as I have hit a brick wall with her. Have been told it is highly unlikely that I will be able to get a copy of my original long birth certificate. As I do not know her parents names I cannot discover their marriage or death certificate details. Any suggestions or advice would be gratefully accepted.

  67. Tinus

    I am looking for a copy of the marriage register of a Court wedding in Cape Town around 1998. Would this be available yet at the archive?

    Thank you.

  68. Andre


    I am looking for a dear old friend.
    All I have is his name and his wife’s maden names.
    Ian Pienaar, married to Sulene van As.
    Can ANYONE help me get in touch with him?



  69. I am looking for information on my grand-dad,Piet Sauls or Piet Souls, he fought in ww2 he was born in Fort Beaufort,Eastern Cape on the 22 April 1901 his last place of residence was in Austerville wentworth Durban any info will be welcome thanks

  70. colleen joan martin

    george fredrick martin born around 1905 married
    marjorie johhanes russel had 2 children evelyn
    and gerald marjories nick name was buckie i am trying to find his death certificate or birth cerficate
    can anyone help me . i would also like to know if
    there was any other children as they parted in 1934
    i dont know if they were devorced all i know is that
    they parted and then the mother took up with a hendy cannon 1934 can anyone give me information as i
    believe there was a step sister and brother i think
    the sister name was rebecca. or where can i goto
    get a death certficate.

  71. Katrina Vincent

    A helpful site, thank you. The link to Department of Home Affairs and the pdf forms for birth, marriage & death is broken. I did a google search for Home Affairs and got to the website but was unable to locate the forms anywhere.
    The National Archives offices are not helpful for anyone outside of South Africa. I emailed them with estate file numbers I had located through on-line search. After several months they replied that I would need to engage a private researcher. I made contact with a researcher who then told me that these files could only be accessed by attending the Archives in person ie not through a third party. So back to base now & not sure how to proceed from here.

    • Kelly

      @KatrinaA: so sorry you appeared to hAve picked a lemon of a researcher. Go to and you can order photographs of most files published on the SA national archive site, except Cape archives. For those you contact Henry and his details are on the SA national archives site. EGGSA are extremely helpful and a photograph of a document is so much more valuable than a transcript, as so much gets lost in translation.Good luck!

    • Whoever you contacted obviuously isn’t a good researcher. I’m not in SA, or I would help you, but as you see Kelly has given you some info. You may also be interested in knowing that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does a great deal with genealogy (through and they are currently working with volunteer indexers to index the South African, Cape Province Dutch Reformed Church Records.

      I don’t know if this will be helpful to you, but you can learn more here:

  72. Katrina Vincent

    Thanks for your suggestions. I actually made a mistake in my last post. What the researcher told me was that for the estate file I want, I need to apply in person to the Master of the Supreme Court. The other documents I found through the NAAIRS site can be accessed by the researcher.

  73. Robert

    I am Robert Young my mother was Eileen Elizabeth Heather her mother was Elizabeth Cornelious Erasmas she married Percival Jackson Heather an Australian in South Africa around 1909 or 10 they went went to Melbourne Australia between 1912 and 1914 with there only daughter Eileen Elizabeth Heather I am looking for 1/ Marriage certificate of Percival Jackson and Elizabeth Cornelius and 2/ the birth certificate of Eileen Elizabeth Heather born in 1910

  74. Tracy Fitzgerald

    I am trying to trace the death records of my great grandfather. His name was Walter Frederick Welch and born in 1910 (30th August). He worked aboard the cable laying ships all his life – they have sent me his records. He retired to Durban (?) in approximately 1968. I have looked on NAAIRS and I don’t know if I am truly capable of using that system.
    I would be grateful for any help / if anyone has any idea of where died – anything really.
    Much appreciated.

  75. Cathleen

    Hi.. I wonder if anyone can help me please I am trying to find my grandfather( Zacharias Marais) parents information… a birth cert.or marraige cert for my great grandfather, Johannes Stephanus Marais ( 1887-1935) He was married to Albertha Johanna de Beer (1890 – 1946).They lived in South Africa, Pretoria west -335 Luttig street.
    If anyone can help I would appreciate it.Thanks

  76. I need to know if my father had remarried and If there is mariage certificate My fathers name is Ismail Awaldien his wife’s name is Patricia Peters

  77. I need to know if my father had remarried and If there is a mariage certificate. My fathers name is Ismail Awaldien born 01/03/37 his wife’s name is Patricia Peters

  78. Beverley Merle Calvert nee Van zanten nee Rushmer

    Please help ? My Late fathers name was John Richard David Rushmer
    He was an orphan and grew up in the childrens home in Krugersdorp
    I only have his name on my adoption papers -no ID – I was born in Krugersdorp .However his surviving family tell me his name was Johan ? but on my adoption papers it says John ?
    My biological father died around 1965 and is buried in the Krugersdorp cemetary.

    I AM TRYING TO TRACE HIS PARENTS NAMES AND GRANDPARENTS AS I HAVE traced a John Richard David Rushmer to the diamond diggings around Kimberly and a birth certificate in the Barclay West St Mary’s Baptism records- I would very much like to know if they are related to my late father as they ran a trading post near the diggings and am very curious as to if this is how my late fathers came to be named the triple names cannot be random but I cannot trace his late parents death details ? inorder to follow up on this very exciting part of South African history.
    Am i at all related to these very historic people?
    the details in the archives are John Richard David Rushmer
    year 1912 – volumn 6/9/686 reference 636 source masters office / orphan chamber Cape Town (MOOC) (KAB) was this my fathers family ?

    I found out that this person however died very young without any siblings but he had a brother and was my father perhaps named after his late fathers brother ?
    I also would like to find out if my great grand father came from overeas to Cape Town ? as I have traced a George Henry Rushmer year 1918
    VOLUMN 6/9/1254 Reference 4295 Masters office/orphans chamber Cape Town MOOC- am I related ? please help as I am unable to travel to the National archives in CapeTown .

    I am unable to place everything together and just have bits without any real proof of where I come from.
    I was born Beverley Merle Rushmer February 1958 in Krugersdorp but my adoption surname is Van Zanten- I have copies of my adoption papers.

    Can you please help -Thanking you in anticipation

  79. Beverley Merle Calvert nee Van zanten nee Rushmer

    Thank you Jacqueline can you perhaps help me ?

  80. Marlien Coetzee

    Hi there. I wonder if anybody could help me. I’m looking for my daughter’s father. His name is Francois Roos born 18 August 1976. He have 3 sisters Jackie, Karen and Desiree. Last known address was 2 Hoogstraat, Middelburg, Mpumalanga. We were not married but my daughter really wants to know if he is still alive. Please can any one help. Thank you. Marlien

  81. Tracy Rochester

    Hi – what a great website. Only just found you – what a shame I didn’t find you earlier!
    I’m wondering if anyone can help. I am in Australia and am trying to find birth and death details for my grandfather – Norman Richard Westley, born 24 April in 1905 (I believe in Fordsberg, but have also been told Kimberley). It’s like he never existed. I have searched absolutely everywhere (NAAIRS, ancestry 24, plus hundreds of other sites) and he just doesn’t show up anywhere except for a divorce from my grandmother in 1945 and passage to the UK in 1906, returning to SA in 1913. Can anyone help or at least point me in another direction to search? I can find his parents and ancestors, but nothing else on him.

  82. Isabel

    I am trying so hard to make my mother happy, she is going to be 78 this year and has tried for so long to find out what happened to her father. All I have are the following details. George Stanley Hayward Barker, born 2/10/1893, born in Ireland but as far as I know, died in Natal. No one seems to be able to help me with this. I want to put her mind at rest. Can anyone help please.

  83. hi
    im trying to find my dad’s biological parents. we dont know much except he was born 1959 November in Paul kruger Hospital. he was adopted by a family Janse van rensburg. where do i start? please please help
    regards Melanie

  84. Natasha Steyn

    I am looking for my cousin Chantelle Lelean/Fry, her father is Edward Fry, mother Lee Ann Lelean. She was born on 29/08/1983 in Grahamstown or Mosselbay. Any one with information that could get us closer to her please contact me. Her brother would love to make contact with her and only recently found out that he has a sister some where in the world.

  85. jobathan hughes

    please can someone help me find my real dad,i would just like to put a face to his name .

  86. Johanna M Breytenbach

    I’m looking for my relitives because my mother passed away in 1969 they were 8 children, some was Geldenhuiz and the others were Wasserman. She was Johanna Magrietha (married to Izak Schalk van Zyl). When she passed away I was only 11 years old. I would like to trace all the family related to use.

  87. Marthie Huysamen

    Please help,I am looking for my brother,dont know if he is dead.His name is Edward Petro Modena born in 1972
    Can you help

  88. Cuan keith van wyk

    My fathers name was Moegamat Sallie Adams he passed away in Overport Durban in 1971 can’t seem to get a death certificate he was buried in Pietermaritzburg .

  89. Alrine Massyn

    Hi where can I get a copy of a death notice? Can’t find it on NARS (don’t know if I check the wrong database).

  90. I wish to bookmark this blog post, “Birth, Marriage and Death Records
    | South African Family History and Genealogy” on my web site.
    Do you really mind in the event I personallydo? Thank you ,Randal

  91. Pauline Hauritz (born Haycock/Deklerk)

    Hello, I was born in Cape Town South Africa 1946, My brother was born in 1944. We were born in Woodstock Cape Town. Our grandmother and grandfather were Deklerks. Our address was 422, Queens Road. Woodstock, I know my brother Regan & I have family there and would love to hear from them.

  92. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this outstanding blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for
    book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to fresh updates and will share this
    blog with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

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